About Us

Serving the Nelson Place Williamstown Bay since 1965

Located on Savages Wharf Williamstown we live and breath boats. As the new owner I have over 15 year’s experience working on many different types of boats from pleasure crafts to commercial vessels.

Our Mission & Values

I’m currently repairing and restoring a ski boat for my young family to use with hope that my daughter may enjoy the water as much as I did growing up. From a young age I have always enjoyed being out on the water with fond memories of warm summers spent on the Murray River. My team of engineers and shipwrights all have different experiences with boats, some have grown up with them and others took an interest at a later stage. One of our shipwrights is currently restoring an old ski boat so feel free to chat to him about that process.

Our team specialise in servicing, repair and maintenance on all types of marine vessels with our highly trained staff ready to carry out any type of work. Our team can look after large commercial vessels or smaller recreational vessels.




Penfold Marine provides a high quality of standard which has given us an excellent and reputable reputation within the marine industry over the last 55 years. We pride ourselves on these values – honesty, integrity, respect and fair mindedness.

If you are passionate about boats like we are but are unable to service or repair it yourself then entrust us to do it for you. Our talented team will have you back on the water in no time so you can create memories with your friends and family!