Wooden Boat Repairs

With years of experience in wooden boat repairs, Penfold Marine has pioneered in the construction and repair of wooden boats using both traditional and modern construction methods and materials.

With a well earned reputation for quality boat building and repair work, we only use the finest boat building materials available in our vessels ensuring you that we never compromise in quality.

When it comes to wooden boat repairs,we have a wide range of satisfied clients from private owners to commercial operators.

Our goal is to restore and upkeep the traditional wooden boat building skills alive and to promote wooden boats as a viable alternative to the modern, highly advertised fibreglass boats.

And needless to say, when it comes to wooden boat repairs, Penfold Marine has an army of highly qualified and experienced craftsmen who breathe in life to wooden boats through highly advanced and upgraded skills of wooden boat repairs.

Some services included in wooden boat repairs with Penfold Marine includes:

Wooden Boat Repairs - Wood Moisture Level.

Wooden Boat Repairs - Surface Cleaning.

Wooden Boat Repairs - Adhesive Bonding.

Wooden Boat Repairs - Fillet Bonding.

Wooden Boat Repairs - The Reinforced Fillet.

Wooden Boat Repairs - Coating.

Wooden Boat Repairs - Sheathing With Glass.

Wooden Boat Repairs - Filling & Fairing.

Wooden Boat Repairs - Structural Filling.

Wooden Boat Repairs - Surface Fairing.

Wooden Boat Repairs - Repairing Decayed Wood.

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